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Lenkathir / Jun 27, 2017
Rakothas t2c (Throne of Dread Terror, 1st boss, tier 2 challenge mode) beaten by Keepers (and some guests)!!!

Congratulations to those who did it for the first time, and many thanks to those who already knew the fight and came along to help.

We will run this again on Tuesday 4th July, 6pm GMT (7pm BST).

Newcomers again will be welcome, though please read the guidance posted on gear. Me and other Keepers are very happy to advise anyone who is unsure what they might need. I am also very happy to help with running smaller T2 instances in order to get missing items, such as a piece of Pelennor armour.
Keepers of Silmarils
The History of the Keepers of Silmarils
The Silmarils, the three Great Jewels crafted by Fёanor of the Noldor, stolen by Morgoth and wrested from him in the War of Wrath, are the greatest treasures of Middle-Earth. Since the Silmarils have been the cause of unfathomable bloodshed and discord among the children of Ilúvatar, the wisest of the Eldar created the order of the Hèreni i Silmarilli and entrusted it with guarding and protecting the recovered Silmarils. The order decided to conceal all knowledge of the existence of the Silmarils, a task in which they have been more than successful as the Silmarils are commonly believed to have been lost during the breaking of Arda. The order ensured that the Silmarils were kept hidden and foiled all attempts made by those who wished to retake the Silmarils, but as the ages passed and the elves began to leave the lands of Middle-Earth, it became apparent that the duties of the Hèreni i Silmarilli were a heavy burden on the few remaining Eldar and would have to be shared with the younger races. The Keepers of Silmarils have ever since faithfully guarded the greatest secret of Middle-Earth.

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