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Rakothas T2c

Date: Jul 04, 2017
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Lenkathir
Category: Raids
6pm GMT
Tank (0)


Damage (3)

3. Raiendil Hunter

M. Eleghost Champion

M. Calthoras Rune-keeper

Support (4)

1. Erithlenka Captain

2. Garfburg Burglar

4. Ioraith Minstrel

M. Saealat Minstrel



This fight will need:
2 tanks;

2 minstrels (blue, but prebuffing with 3-6 anthems each, high morale!);

1 yellow burg (cross-traiting into red);

1 full support build LM (at least 40k unbuffed morale, preferably 50k+, ideally with unimbued swap book for 40% fire lore and bane-flare targets, and must have imbued with ancient craft);

2 red cappies (1 with 4 piece Command set ideally, 1 must have 4 piece Pelennor set, both must have 2 piece ToO Oathbreaker reset set);

1 yellow or hybrid champ (rend is love, 22-25k unbuffed morale);

3 RKs/hunters (at least 1 RK, 22-25k morale, must have correct LI legacies and these maxed, necessary armour set bonuses - if dps is not fast enough, this fight becomes impossible. I don't know about RKs, but for hunters you need to be blue, cross-traited deep into red and have at least 80 trait points, know how to tier barrage to 3 efficiently and keep it at tier 3, have 2x Erebor fleetness set, and 4x Osgiliath Bowmaster (or 4x t2 Throne Bowmaster), (or 2 Erebor and 2 Pelennor, 2 Flower/Pelennor is ok);

All characters with capped t2 physical mitigation (tact mit is only needed for other bosses).
really sorry but my timezone on the website was set wrong. The raid starts at 7pm BST/6pm GMT, not an hour later as I had selected due to having the wrong timezone set.
Raid this week postponed due to lack of signups. Will try again for next Tuesday

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