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Lenkathir / Jan 17, 2018
Greetings Keepers of Silmarils,

Unwanted Alliance is searching for new members to join their instances/raids since making Kinship raids can often get a bit tricky with sign-ups. We accept everyone that is willing to raid and is raid-ready. We are already very active in planning events and doing raids.
If you would like to join, please click on the link and sign-up. The discord and in-game information will become available to you once you are accepted.

Thanks in advance for joining Unwanted Alliance :)
Lenkathir / Jun 27, 2017
Rakothas t2c (Throne of Dread Terror, 1st boss, tier 2 challenge mode) beaten by Keepers (and some guests)!!!

Congratulations to those who did it for the first time, and many thanks to those who already knew the fight and came along to help.

We will run this again on Tuesday 4th July, 6pm GMT (7pm BST).

Newcomers again will be welcome, though please read the guidance posted on gear. Me and other Keepers are very happy to advise anyone who is unsure what they might need. I am also very happy to help with running smaller T2 instances in order to get missing items, such as a piece of Pelennor armour.
Dilvish / Oct 26, 2016
Keepers will resume raids in the weeks to come, so get your character raid ready, bring relevant virtues to maximum, get food, scrolls and hope tokens, have Teamspeak installed, sign up for raid on forum and be there when Keepers' attack the Throne of the Dread Terror!
We're working on reforming the t1 Throne raidgroup. PvP is still organised every weekend, t2 TSS/DoS is something we aspire to do multiple times per week.
People need to be geared though. Try to join pug runs as well (Throne too), experience is worth more than gear at times. /joinchannel TheLastAlliance for T1/T2 pve.
Remember we're still recruiting people! Help out your officers (and yourself). We're in dire need of main captains and guardians, but all classes/levels are welcome
Aorhelm / Aug 18, 2016
Today we've been through another TotDT run. We've got a new people into the raid and had various sorts of issues with connection and teamspeak, and sadly we didn't manage to down the mumakil (altho, we did some very good tries). Anyways I am happy and fairly satisfied for we are managing to get full kinship runs (at the beginning at least), this means we will be able to build a solid raid core that will be able to grow as whole. Keep up the good work peeps, remember to check tactics for raid on forum!
Aorhelm / Aug 12, 2016
Activity in Keepers goes on! We managed yesterday our first only-kin run of Dome of the Stars t2c, about time! Raiding is still suspended until next week, for this sunday we will be in Ettenmoors for some pvp action! Check forum and facebook group daily for news and vote on polls guys!
Aorhelm / Jul 29, 2016
Last night we managed to down the second encounter in Throne of the Dread Terror. It took long time and efforts, but it was a good achievement. However, the raid took next to 4 hours and everyone was weary by the end of it, so we couldn't advance any further, even though we managed to get the third boss low on morale.
For future raids we are gonna set up a limit of 3 hours raidtime from the moment we are ready to start, so that all can give their best in the time given.

Keep up the good work Keepers!
Aorhelm / Jul 17, 2016
So we did our first attempt in TotDT with almost a full Keepers raid (10 out of 12)! Great kill on the first shot of Rakothas, we struggled on the second encounter, but was good fun! And it's all part of the learning process, next time we will advance further! Great job all and thanks for joining, check out tactics for the next fights, we will raid again and get better!