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Keepers 1 - 0 Rakothas (t2c)

Lenkathir / Jun 27, 2017
Rakothas t2c (Throne of Dread Terror, 1st boss, tier 2 challenge mode) beaten by Keepers (and some guests)!!!

Congratulations to those who did it for the first time, and many thanks to those who already knew the fight and came along to help.

We will run this again on Tuesday 4th July, 6pm GMT (7pm BST).

Newcomers again will be welcome, though please read the guidance posted on gear. Me and other Keepers are very happy to advise anyone who is unsure what they might need. I am also very happy to help with running smaller T2 instances in order to get missing items, such as a piece of Pelennor armour.


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