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Dilvish / Jul 14, 2016
The Throne of the Dread Terror is a multi-boss 12-man dungeon featuring six boss fights with trash mobs interspersed between them. It takes place during the Battle of Pelennor Fields, situated just before Éomer's Riders reach the Hillock (Rider's Stand) and just after completion of the the Foe Resurgent instance.

Keepers will resume raids in the weeks to come, so get your character raid ready, bring relevant virtues to maximum, get food, scrolls and hope tokens, have Teamspeak installed, sign up for raid on forum and be there when Keepers' attack the Throne of the Dread Terror!
Dilvish / Oct 28, 2015
Update 17: The Siege of Minas Tirith has been released. Here is what the Devs have told us about the new content:

New Region: Old Anórien
Explore the besieged city of Minas Tirith, ancient seat of the Kingdom of Gondor. Outside the fortress city, the Enemy has broken through the walls of Pelennor Field, and their forces now assemble and prepare for the assault to come. North of those broken walls, in the countryside of Talath Anor, yet more hosts of the Enemy bear down upon Gondor. It is from here that Gondor hopes and watches for the coming of the Rohirrim. And while they wait, a young lord of Caer Andros finds himself beset by fierce bearded Easterlings, known as the Suhalar.

Two New Epic Battles
Experience Sauron’s first assault on Minas Tirith through two new Epic Battles. In The Defence of Minas Tirith (solo/duo and three player), the foes make their first foray, marshalling great siege towers and the elements of fear and dread against Minas Tirith’s seemingly impenetrable walls. Then, in The Hammer of the Underworld (solo/duo and six player), fight to hold the city gates against the great siege ram Grond—and the Witch-king of Angmar himself!

These Epic Battles feature thirteen exciting secondaries, including Epic Foes, with “soft” failure conditions that end only when the wave ends. Victory boxes for these battles contain roughly 50% more Supreme essences than prior Epic Battles and, for the main quests, grant three times as many Stars of Merit. With this update, Epic Battle Promotions have been raised from 236 to 256.

Epic Volume IV, Book 4: Siege of the White City
The city of Osgiliath has fallen to the enemy, and now you must flee with its defenders across the plain to Minas Tirith. Prepare for the coming siege with Gandalf the White, Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, and Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, as the armies of Sauron move to destroy Gondor. This thirteen-chapter Epic Book is a new on-ramp to the story, so you can play through it without having played the previous Books… but it is recommended that you play the adventure to this point for maximum context.

Dilvish / Aug 03, 2015
This is the official announcement on world closure:

As of today the following worlds are no longer allowing character creation and will be closed to play at the beginning of 2016. Characters on all of these worlds will be saved and will be available to transfer to a remaining world for free, indefinitely.

We will begin the transfer process by opening the test world, Bullroarer, for character copy. We will then open transfers between the 10 remaining worlds. Then the worlds that are closing will be opened for transfer, a few at a time, in the order they are listed below. Please watch the website, forums, and launcher for announcements regarding timing. *Note: Brandywine will be unavailable for incoming transfers for a time until population and load can be re-evaluated on new hardware.*

For more information regarding the transfer system and world closures, please see the article posted here:

Closing Worlds EU:










Remaining Worlds EU:

Belegaer (DE-RP)

Gwaihir (DE)

Sirannon (FR)

Laurelin (EN-RP)

Evernight (EN)

You can find the full text on
Calthoras / Apr 14, 2014

* 2nd update of the year:
- Paths of the Dead and Dol Amroth
- New level cap (100)

* In between update 2 and 3:
- Dead Marshes (seems epics orientated)

3rd update of the year:
- Pelargir (army of the dead, corsairs)

- New class (Beorning, light armour caster, ability to shape shift into a bear)


* Osgiliath
* Pelenor Fields & Minas Tirith



I reckon all these places are very suitable for the big battle system, esp Osgiliath and Minas Tirith.

All in all I am very excited about these upcoming updates! I'm also quite certain I won't be spending hours and hours upgrading my alts with FA's, since the next big update contains a level cap raise of 5.

Level cap raises could prove to be nice for Ettens (or worse), perhaps us freeps will be able to reclaim atleast some of our former glory.

All in all, EPIC content ahead of us! But it makes me wonder.. what happens after 2015? Let's hope the story doesn't end at Minas Tirith, but at the fires of Mount Doom!
Dilvish / Apr 11, 2014

Update 13: The Breaking of Isengard is scheduled to launch April 14.
- The Epic Quest will continue and after 4 years we will see the end of Vol. III
- We will see a new region and session play as an Ent in Flooded Isengard.
- An in-depth look at the Breaking of Isengard can be found here:
- There will be three new resource instances - a wood, a scholar and an ore. These can all be run daily
- The end game quests will introduce a new cosmetic pet (three different varieties of Huorns)
- North Downs, Trollshaws and Misty Mountains will be modernized, similar to the changes in Moria
- The mail system will now support multiple attachments. VIPs will be able to open mail in the wilderness through their mail alert
- Inventory is getting new management options (consolidated bagspace et al)
- FA 95 Symbols will be a rare drop in Skirmish raids and a very rare drop in some classic instances
- Spring Festival and Lotro Anniversary will be launched
- Also coming in April is a new producer's letter with some details about the start of Volume 4 of the epic books, and more information about the new class.

Dilvish / Feb 28, 2014
Update 13 and LOTRO's 7th Anniversary are coming up soon.
New features of U13 announced in the last Executives letter are:
- Epic Book: Flooded Isengard - experience life as an Ent.
- North Downs: will be modernized and improved the space, similar to Moria.
- Fangorn Forest: new quests in Southern Fangorn, including a special reward
- In addition, mail will now support multiple attachments. VIPs will be able to open mail in the wilderness through their mail alert. Inventory is getting entirely new management options.
An in-depth look at the Breaking of Isengard can be found here:
Dilvish / Feb 12, 2014
The yearly Executive Producers Letter has stated that there will be no expansion release for 2014. Turbine has also decided to have quarterly major updates, including three (maybe four) landscape releases such as Fangorn, the Paths of The Dead and the Dead Marshes, as well as focusing more on improving the various systems already in place in LOTRO.
They have also requested player feedback on certain aspects that will see changes in the coming year, including Inventory and Bag Space, Festivals and Events and the long awaited Housing revamp which has officially been pushed back to 2014.